1. Inform when you download anything from this blog (template, header, sygnature). Just leave a comment below the latest post. The comment should attached: pasword (which you find in regulations below), the template name, which you download and blog adress, on which the template or header will be set. (If you inform me about instalation, I can check if you did it right and help if there would be some problems).
2. Don't download templates and other graphics to change them, modify and sign as yours!
3. Before you download a template, read  INSTALATION.
4. The first templates I added to download can display wrong, so if you decide to instal one and something goes wrong, just e-mail me, and I'll try to help.
5. You can download every template, which I shared. Orders are only presented on my blog, there's no possibility to download them.
6. The password you have to write in a comment with informations about downloading is: "tessellate". (I can change the password).
7.  The password you have to write down when you unpack the file with a template is: "casting shadows".
8. When you download a header or sygnature add credit "the header/ sygnature downloaded from Play With Me Seek And Hide.
9.  Don't remove my button from the template you installed.


Template made by Robyn Gleams