While installing my templates, read MY instruction, not instructions from other blogs. They are different and don't work with my templates.

1.  There has to be at least one post on your blog, before you'll instal the template.
2. You can download english version of my template from this page: ENGLISH VERSION
3.  Download the template (the password which you have to write while unpacking the file is in the regulations). Unpack the file using 7zip or winrar programs.
4. There's a few files in the pack with the template: screen of the template, screen with layout, few screens to help you to instal the exact template, text files: READ ME and Java Script, and  the file with the template (.XML).
5. Firstly, set your template as "basic" - (screen)
6. Set your layout according to the screen "layout" in the file with a template you chose.
7. Read "READ ME" and fill HTML-JavaScript gadgets like it's written in the "READ ME" document.
8. At the very end, instal the template.
9. Remember - don't remove my button.


Template made by Robyn Gleams